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What we are doing at NeuroAudit ?

NeuroAudit is developing technologies based on psychoacoustics ultrasonic stimulation for various medical and wellness applications, such as personalized treatment of brain disorders, cognitive enhancement, and hearing aid instrumentation via blood conduction.

A hearing aid based on "blood conduction."

The product which NeuroAudit is currently working on is a new kind of hearing aid based on "blood conduction" using a unique algorithm directly to the brain. The device, a patch, is applied on the carotid artery and as such transmits pure signal directly to the auditory cortex, entirely non-invasively.

We use the hearing loss as a "spatial noise filter" that helps us transmit pure sound directly to the brain via the blood. This innovative ultrasonic technology is also used for cognitive improvement purposes.

We are excited for the near future to test our technology using a small noninvasive stimulating patch after we showed that:
1) Certain cognitive operations can be improved using blood conduction.
2) How we send a pure tone to a man who suffered from hearing impairment via the blood using an ultrasonic algorithm.


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