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NeuroAudit presenting at the KGAP + Program in Keihanna Global Japan

We were very proud to participate and introduce Neuro Audit during KGAP + Program at Keihanna Global Japan.

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet our partners and to discuss the future of innovation in brain technologies from Israel.

We discussed our breakthrough and we talked about the first practical application of personal patch device, driving an instant cognitive boost for the purpose of cerebral improvement.

We showcased the unique field called Sonogenetics and talked about "sonogenetics.salk" research group from Salk Institute for Biological Studies San Diego, CA. It was exciting to give a lecture about brain technologies as part of the seminar about the startup ecosystem in ATR Fund. All that took place at KGAP+ batch2 Program & Kyoto Smart Expo Stage.

Click here to read more about this event.


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