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Neuro-stimulation Patch For Cognitive Boost


A pioneering Innovative technology 

Psychoacoustics Neurostimulation and ultrasound stimulation.

Prompting an instant cognitive boost to improve Alzheimer patients' quality of life.


Immediate cognitive boost

For patients suffering from Alzheimer's, cognitive decline and prophylactically for healthy adults. 


Blood conduction

The first device to transfer the stimulation to the brain via blood conduction. 


Innovative Technology

First to develop new technology of transferring ultrasonic stimulation to the brain. 


The lightest smallest ultrasound device

Affordable daily application for brain stimulation.

Core Application Technology

The core technology involves a unique algorithm that enables the transmission of signals directly to the brain through a noninvasive patch. This patch opens up new possibilities for treating various brain disorders, including Alzheimer's disease and cognitive disorders.

The main application is in treating Alzheimer's disease, a neurodegenerative condition that causes memory loss, cognitive impairment, and behavioral changes.
This noninvasive cognitive boost patch delivers specific ultrasound stimulation through the skin to the brain using a new blood conduction technique.

NeuroAudit aims to improve the lives of millions of people are suffering from brain disorders and at the forefront of revolutionizing neurotechnology and offering hope to individuals with brain-related challenges.


The challenge and the solution

1 in 3


suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia worldwide.

$256.7 Bln

in healthcare costs resting on the taxpayers.* 


in Alzhaimer's related care costs (worldwide).**

NeuroAudit innovative neuro-technology called psychoacoustics neuro-stimuli 

Psychoacoustics Neuro Stimuli 

NeuroAudit’s vision addresses the complexity of neurological disorders by continuously monitoring the state of the brain while effectively analyzing the measured data and controlling brain stimulation in real-time to understand the impact on the brain condition better that it was possible until now.


Using our small noninvasive stimulating patch, NeuroAudit showed improvements in certain cognitive functions and was able to send a pure tone via the blood using an ultrasonic algorithm to patients whose hearing was impaired.

NeuroAudit's cognitive boost patch is a pioneering product to improve cognitive performance and support its neural activation by using an affordable, long-performance device though applying low-frequency ultrasound technology.


Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022

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Biotechnology Award 2022

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Best Cognitive Performance Support Product 2022

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